It is the mission of TMHCA “To promote recovery and community through peer support, education, and advocacy for all mental health consumers in Tennessee.”


The TMHCA PeerLINK program offers help from others in recovery that have been there. Some issues with mental health and/or substance abuse problems can sometimes make people feel very alone and that no one understands. People don’t have to be alone anymore in their journey.
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Education & Support

The basic roots of our foundation is about teaching people to make informed choices about their health and making the public aware through education and support. With adequate education and support people with mental illness can and will recover.
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Public Policy

Public Policy gives TMHCA the opportunity to sit down with key individuals to share ideas about change. It is an impactful tool we have to affect the bias and stigma associated with mental illness.
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TMHCA News Feed


Upcoming TASMIE Event – October 11, 2016

The Tennessee Alliance for the Severe Mental Illness Exclusion (TASMIE) is a coalition of mental health advocates and other organizations... Read More →

TMHCA’s Knoxville PeerLINK Participated in My Health My Choice My Life Championship Games

TMHCA’s Knoxville PeerLINK members participated in My Health, My Choice, and My Life’s Championship Games for the East Tennessee region.... Read More →

TMHCA Awarded $425,000 by Tennessee’s General Assembly to Expand Intensive Care Services

Over the past several years Tennessee’s mental health system has integrated people with lived experience of mental health conditions and... Read More →

Celebrations at the Beers-Van Gogh Center of Excellence

Join us in celebrating Glenda Welch and Valerie Walton’s recent achievements. Both ladies are residents at the Beers-Van Gogh Center... Read More →

Coalition Supporting Severe Mental Illness Exclusion Launches in Tennessee

Tennessee Alliance for the Severe Mental Illness Exclusion (TASMIE) publicly launched last week with an op-ed in the Knoxville News Sentinel by TASMIE Coordinator... Read More →

2016 TMHCA Annual Advocacy Conference

MAY 12, 2016: You are Cordially Invited – Come Join Us! Manchester Coffee County Convention Center 147 Hospitality Boulevard, Manchester,... Read More →

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What Our Members are Saying

TMHCA’s program is really good. I like it when I’m taught information about voting rights. I like to have access to other services and TMHCA helps coordinate care for me.
John C.
The staff treat you like you are intelligent and with dignity and respect. I like the various subjects designed to meet my program needs. I like that the programs treat the whole health of the person.
It is exhilarating and informative. It reiterates what I learned academically. The superfluous classes like music therapy, art therapy and health classes are excellent.

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