Support HBA #37 & SBA #18

Tennessee Mental Health Consumers’ Association was fortunate enough to have a Budget Amendment sponsored by Representative Gerald McCormick House Budget Amendment # 37 and  Senate Budget Amendment #18 sponsored by Senator John Stevens that will expand our already established Peer Engagement mental health service offered at Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute to the three remaining State Psychiatric Hospitals in Memphis, Chattanooga and Bolivar that serve people with mental health conditions throughout Tennessee. The Project would greatly benefit people that receive inpatient services in Tennessee.

In addition we have identical services offered at two Crisis Stabilization Units in partnership with Mental Health Cooperative in Nashville and Helen Ross McNabb Center in Knoxville.

The program is a partnership between Tennessee Mental Health Consumers’ Association and the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. A study by the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health in 2009-10 of the service showed the PeerLINK Engagement Program (modeled after the New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Peer Bridger program)  significantly reduced repeat hospitalizations and improved the quality of life for study participants.

The service is designed to connect people with mental health conditions and/or substance use disorders following psychiatric hospitalization to appropriate community-based services, supports, and facilities that can meet the patient’s post-discharge clinical, social and environmental needs. The service will minimize the likelihood that a person will “relapse” or have to return to care post successful completion of treatment. I have attached a full service description for you.

So if you have a minute please contact you Senator and Representative and ask them to support:

House Budget Amendment # 37


Senate Budget Amendment #18

Here is the link to reach your Senator/Representative:

Other key Legislators are Finance Committee Members. Here is the link to those key members:

Senate Finance, Ways, and Means Committee:

House Finance, Ways, and Means Committee: