Celebrations at the Beers-Van Gogh Center of Excellence

Join us in celebrating Glenda Welch and Valerie Walton’s recent achievements. Both ladies are residents at the Beers-Van Gogh Center of Excellence (BVG) in Memphis, TN. During their time at BVG they have reclaimed their hopes and dreams and continue to move forward. Glenda and Valerie, who are formally homeless, have lived experience with mental illness, abuse and trauma but have not let this stop them from achieving their goals or letting it define them.

This past month both ladies were nominated for the Mary Knox-Lanier Award given by the Memphis/Shelby County Homeless Consortium. The award is presented to someone that is homeless or formally homeless who has overcome hardship and inspires others. There were three nominees for this award and TMHCA was represented by two of the nominees. Glenda received the award for her personal journey and growth while residing at BVG. During her time in the housing program she has faced her past and used lessons learned to move forward and pursue her goals. She has found her voice again and is helping others find their voice.

Not only was Valerie nominated for the Mary Knox-Lanier Award but she has also received her high school diploma while at BVG and attended prom for the first time in May. Valerie has registered for the fall semester at Southwest Community College. She has taken all of her life lessons, moved forward and continued to set goals for her life. Valerie never stops educating herself or others about mental illness and homelessness. She is a great advocate all around.