TMHCA’s Knoxville PeerLINK Participated in My Health My Choice My Life Championship Games

TMHCA’s Knoxville PeerLINK members participated in My Health, My Choice, and My Life’s Championship Games for the East Tennessee region. There were approximately 10 different provider programs that participated that included peer support centers and psychosocial rehabilitation programs. Each program was given a twin size sheet and asked to decorate it any way they wanted. Knoxville’s site decided to tie-dye their banner and the members also tie-dyed shirts to match the banner. The Championship Games included outdoor wellness activities such as; tennis ball throw, 50 yard dash, 50 yard walk, tug of war and a game called clean your room where 2 programs would go against each other with several rags on each side and the purpose of the game was to get as many rags on the other teams side so the team with less rags on their side won.  During these games Knoxville’s PeerLINK site came together as a group and really showed team spirit and cheered on each participant. Knoxville PeerLINK was trying to win the team spirit award and although they didn’t win they came in a very close second. We had two members from the program who won awards. One member won an award for the 50 yard dash and the other member won two awards for the tennis ball throw and the 50 yard dash.