About Us

The Tennessee Mental Health Consumers' Association (TMHCA) is Tennessee’s only statewide organization that is owned and operated by people in recovery from mental health issues or addiction. TMHCA has over three decades of experience helping people find hope in their life.

TMHCA has multiple roles in the state of Tennessee and serves as a national voice for people that are many times marginalized and unable to speak out on their own behalf.

TMHCA advocacy efforts has and will always be the foundation of the agency but as time has passed the agency has seen growth and has taken a new direction and approach to the way we serve people.

TMHCA is now able to serve thousands annually through agreements with Federal and State governmental agencies, Managed Care Companies and small private donations. Diversified funding helps us accomplish our mission and provide excellent care to Tennesseans with complex needs.

History of TMHCA

The mental health consumer/survivor movement in Tennessee began to develop. Supporters of the movement began to understand the need and importance of a mental health consumer movement in our state. Through a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Community Support Program grant in 1984 plans for mental health consumer and family programs/groups began.