Peer Center

TMHCA Peer Center
Tennessee Mental Health Consumers' Association’s (TMHCA) Peer Center is a place designed for individuals that have received mental health services, past or present, eighteen years of age or older. It is a mechanism for social change with an extraordinary value placed on education, independence and recovery. The Peer Center is located at 1407 Union Ave. 810 in Memphis, Tennessee. Hours of operation are weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

What components will the Peer Center offer?
In keeping with the Peer Center’s philosophy of consumer control, all components will be planned, developed, and implemented based on member choice and participation.  Monthly member meetings will be held with staff and members.  Facilitated discussion and planning will guide shared decision-making on program design and specific activities.

The Peer Center will include a program of social, recreational, and leisure-time activities made available informally on site.  It also includes more structured activities, planned and carried out by staff and members both on-site and in the community.

The TMHCA’s successful BRIDGES program and WRAP will be a foundation of the Peer Center’s education program.  In addition, specific classes and activities will be offered that will teach independent living skills and community living skills.  Members will have the opportunity to identify other topics that will also be developed.

Support Groups
The Peer Center will offer at least one weekly support group as a part of its program.  Other types of support groups, as identified by Peer Center members, will be developed and offered.

Community Activities
Community activities may include volunteer opportunities, and community-building or community-support activities, as determined by members.

Transportation to and from the center is offered and is FREE. TMHCA will provide members in need two single-ride MATA tickets each day the center is open.  Transportation will be available to all consumers in Shelby County who need it, within reason. Transportation will also be provided to individuals needing special accommodations. You can obtain more information by calling the center.

Membership at the Peer Center is easy and FREE! Members should be self-maintained and able to function without direct supervision and always abide by Peer Center rules.

You may obtain more information about TMHCA Peer Center by calling (901) 522-2090 or email